eyeglass holder PINOCCHIO_03

Pinocchio's nose becomes your eyeglass holder.

Take off your defense and rest your eyeglass on PINOCCHIO’s nose. Let him hold you up from the pressure of daily burdens and remind you to be true to yourself. The eyeglass holder can be mounted onto any flat surface. First use the 3M damage-free hanging stripe that comes in the pack to stick the stainless steel base to any flat surface. Then have PINOCCHIO firmly attached to the base with its built-in magnet. Take a break, wash your face and feel refreshed to face the challenges.

Original, Dark Brown
Dimensions : L 15.5cm W 5cm D 4cm
Weight : 55g
Material : Fagus, Stainless Steel, Magnet
Production : Made in Taiwan
Unit : 1 Piece
Dimensions : L 16cm W 16cm D 4cm
Weight : 95g
Package : PVC Case
Installation : 3M Damage-Free Hanging Stripe*2 Included

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